Welcome to the UP Pep Squad Official Blog

And we want to say: Thank You!

We’ve rolled our sleeves back down and folded our neon colored tops back in our parents’ closets.
Back to the 21st century, but we’re sure some 80’s song is still lingering in your heads.

For everyone who partied with us last night – 80s style

and even for those who couldn’t come but kept dancing with us in spirit 😉

the UP Pep Squad would like to thank each and everyone of you!

Our friends and supporters who took time to come see us from different parts of Manila,

from different parts of Luzon, the country, and even abroad…
Our sponsors who  helped us in making all  this possible

The entire UP community for giving us reason and inspiration to push harder

Our understanding group mates, classmates and teachers 😉

Our families and loved ones for giving us time to fight and push and win

and for taking us in when we get hurt or are just too drained to even walk.

and The Shining MirrorBall watching over us somewhere high, inspiring us with His Light

Thank you very very much!



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