Welcome to the UP Pep Squad Official Blog

The VAAS Ambition

We’re inviting all high school seniors, incoming college freshmen, and everyone else in between

to get into the groove
and strike a pose in this year’s

March 10 AND 11, 2012, 8 in the morning
at the UP Theater’s Aldaba Dance Recital Hall

We’re looking for Champion Material girls and boys
with backgrounds in cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance.
So get ready to express yourself and make us crazy for you!

*** Reminders***
*Please note that this audition is for non-UPCAT qualifiers who wish to enroll as UP students starting this school year 2012-2013

*Please come in proper training attire (tight fitting shirts and hair bands/clips for girls, training bottoms and rubber training shoes)

*No fee requirement to participate in the audition

*All audition participants are REQUIRED TO ATTEND THE FIRST DAY (March 10, 2012) of auditions


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