Welcome to the UP Pep Squad Official Blog


Finally, we’re getting ready for our big summer break yet again!
And a chance to update our site, with amazing news as we cap-off our summer training!

Its been a roller coaster year for the entire team.
The heat from last season was just preparation for the summer, and for the coming season as well.
So much sweat and love were found, and lost, and found, and hopefully with proper footing
and blocking, and a firm(er) grasp on our hearts, these blessings we get to really keep.

And with so much optimism we congratulate a couple of team mates, old and new!

To our promising freshmen team mates who recently concluded their first pre-season training
— 2 months down, and more happy memories to go!
Even more so for the rest of the team.
And for our alumni who are also  celebrating their personal and shared victories with us,
to Ate Mona for her new calling ;), Ate Kai and Kuya Raef, and Teacher Gerson!
and to the new additions to the alumni list, fresh grads of UP

With Edward Allan Belen, Lea Valenzuela, Pauline Millar, Pau Paclibar, Ver Umpacan, Ray Angelo Dagdagan, Miguel Giron, Krystel Bautista, Jonnel Nagpacan, Jp Belarmino, Kae Madrigal, Alexandra Frances Noval and Fiona Gali.

And to the new MD’s: our very own Coach Brent Viray and Bill Langit!

Cheers to all graduates and new UP students!
We leave you with this super summer video featuring the first official UP PEP COUPLE
Kai and Raef, just because they’re awesome and we’re really proud to have shared the halftime courts,competition floors
and Elevate stage with them!
Thank you for teaching us that
Love is team effort. and that Team requires Effort.. and true, unconditional…Love. 😉

See you all next season!


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