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Who would have thought?

A legendary weekend indeed!
From training — to our halftime performance with our beloved alumni,
to a memorable night together with the team,
— to training,
to some cream puffs, to church,
— and to more training..
we put the end in week-end with one inspirational surprise!
Here’s a message we received from one special fan who wanted to share
how their lives were touched by the UP Pep Squad:

I remember when my sister was diagnosed with cancer, I knew that I have to think of a way to convince her that beauty cannot be measured by one’s hair and that baldness isn’t a bad thing. Your performance where all of you went bald was the first thing that I showed her. I told her that hair is merely an accessory to accentuate one’s beauty. Now she is not afraid to have her photo taken. She wanted to join her school’s cheer dancing group but since she is still going through chemo and had an open heart surgery months ago, she can only watch her classmates do their routines.

By the way, she is **** , a 7th Grade student in **** High School. I just sent this message to say that you guys inspired a young girl through your performance. I hope that you continue doing your thing for years and years to come…”

— To you-know-who-you-are
Though cutting our hair has almost been an annual event for us, and honestly, somewhat a routine,
we are very very happy that the efforts we put in considering these details were able to reach hearts and places
we would have not imagined.  Indeed, we are very surprised how much this would affect many others.

For the opportunity we get, every day, every season, to entertain, surprise and inspire people like you,
we will always be very thankful.

For the hearts who open up to us, sharing stories of how the things we work hard on are never ignored,
we will always be thankful.

And for the rest of the UP Community, our fellow students, fellow athletes, families, friends
and supporters who also keep pushing us to do these things,
we will always be thankful.

Without all of you who inspire us to keep on facing our challenges every day, every competition, every year,
we would have never been able to cross boundaries and inspire many more.
It is a cycle of inspiration. And it’s a cycle we can only wish to keep on going.

So before we wake up to face our final Monday rehearsal,
before our big event in 7 days,
before we all become too preoccupied with post-compet memes on who won and who didn’t,
and maybe before we go back to more trainings,
THANK YOU to all of you.

This one’s for U.


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