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Saddle UP.

A very very happy new year, and slightly delayed greeting, to everyone!
2014 is yet another year to look forward to, for some, maybe to stress upon, as this year will surely require a whole new level of “fight”. Maybe even sadder for some (more/others  )
as we wont be having our UP Pep concert this year.
We will however continue to host the Elevate Cheerleading Competitions
and be part of the many programs prepared by the University of the Philippines Diliman. (updates soon)
So even without the “sometimes-annual” concert, there are still so much to look forward to from the squad,
so many tasks at hand, its no surprise its the year of the horse.

But thankfully, looking back at 2013, we have garnered enough horse power to boost us this 2014.

Four competition in the past year, two of which held overseas, would have been suicide:
Japan’s Cheerleading Asia International Open, straight to the Philippine National Games,
which was hardly a cartwheel away from a full UAAP season, and ending the year
with an epic Cheerleading Worlds Championship.
But still, 2013 wasn’t all about competitions.
From our first Sinulog performance, our memorable Elevasion concert, cheerdance competition,
a loaded academic year, topped by  our university-wide Christmas celebrations,
the year 2013 is nothing short of a miracle.

And a miracle it was indeed. Not only for the squad but the rest of the country.

2013 had our eyes crying. More than in cheerdance competitions, we watched as people get hurt.
And more than trophies, so much of the really important things have been lost.
It may be true that we will always remember the devastation more than we will remember our small victories. But opening our eyes and realizing that a year has already past,  2014 is now on a run, is enough reason to believe that we have endured.

So we take pride in this show of endurance.
We take pride in whatever little we have left and in how we can, again, let them grow into so much more.
We take pride in being surrounded by people who teach us our worth and still remind us that what we go through, despite its share of tears, is nothing close to what others will have to deal with.
And with this pride we are grateful.
For the training to become champions and the experiences to deal with failures.
We are grateful that we are given this role, and the opportunities that go with it,
opportunities to learn, to fight, to grow, and to share.

One could only fight and push harder and maybe, say that this new year is going to be a better one.
But we will never be sure of what 2014 will bring. The good and the bad of it will always come as a surprise.
We can always be optimistic, ofcourse. But as life in and out of this sport continues to grow
more difficult each year, it is clear that we will again face another busy, maybe busier, year.

As tides change, we will have to be smarter.
People will come and go, and we will just have to adjust.
As the ground shakes beneath us, we will have to run faster.
And if we run out of places to stand on, then we will have, atleast try, to learn to fly.
But of all the uncertainties we will face  as we go through another year
only two things are certain:
There will be blood. And that we will endure.

That’s what were grateful to have learned in 2013.
And to everyone who has survived this past year, cheers to you too!
And to everyone who’ll continue to join us this new year… more cheers coming UP!


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