Welcome to the UP Pep Squad Official Blog

For our Equally Awesome Friends

In behalf of all the different personalities involved in staging the UP Pep Squad’s
Elevision Concert, we would like to thank everyone who joined us last Saturday, as well as everyone who could not be there but still had something to do with the show.

We wish our corporate sponsors and partners even more success. Hopefully in huge huge amounts, as we promise to speak positively of your brands and try our best to represent the ideas your company and our team share.

We pray for better health, unfaltering safety and infinite patience for our friends, families and special “family-friends” who constantly forgive us for coming home late, losing our stuff, not eating properly, staying up all night, cramming, and forgetting to send our replies to your daily “san-k-n’s” and best wishes.

We thank our fans, although it remains odd to acknowledge the fact that we have fans, and although more than half of them are probably blood-relatives as well. But to all of you, no matter how many or few, we thank you for your continuous patronage.

Last Saturday’s show was a first for many of us, dreaded by some, and awaited by most. Our first attempt on a weekend concert, dedicated to all our friends who can’t come on weekdays almost backfired thanks to the many other events taking place that last weekend of February.
Still, many people showed up, surprisingly filling the theater even during the evening show.
Thank you for making an effort to watch our performance, joining us on stage and sharing your time and energy to make our show even more successful. More dreadful than losing an audience for ticket-sales, is losing eyes and ears to witness the vision each of us painstakingly prepared for.

So again we thank every one who shared in this vision-mission-cheerdance-competition.

To our Prof. Dan Silvestre  and the UP Office for Initiatives in Culture and the Arts.To Director Mary Delia Tomacruz of the UP Theater and all its staff, especially to Kuya JR (Sotto) for all the handy works on stage.

To our generous sponsors: Gold’s Gym,Smart, DMCI Homes, and Cabres Builders, Bayer, Teleperformance, PLDT Home DSL and Jollibee.

For our costumes and apparel care of Hanes, Under Armor, Bianca’s Closet, and House of Dance.
And once again to Indola, for our laborious fighting maroon hair.

To our Production team headed by our Lighting Director and Choreographer Coach Peter Alcedo.
Our choreographers: Sir(s) JM Cabling, Al Garcia and Sir Herbert Alvarez of the UP Dance Company, and Coach Sherwin Casepe.

Our Coaches: Jon Cagas, NJ Antonio and Pio Opinaldo, RM Garcia and your 3-day express visit with hand-carried choreography, and the Doctors of Philippine Cheerleading — Doctors Brent Viray, Suyin Chua, and Amity Casurao, with the special participation of your family, Aaron Casurao and JD Trono (and perhaps soon, the rest of the Casurao Clan).

We thank the special people who finally made it with us on stage:
Again, to Aaron and Sir JD, to Kattia Pineda, and Denise Ann Reyes, and our mentors- Prof. Eloi Hernandez and Grace Gregorio for taking the time to grace us with your wonderful hip hop chemistry and history. 😉

And ofcourse to our one and only Prof. Ruben DF Defeo, for the inspiration, the guidance and the unending support, whether on stage, on cam, on video, on facebook and hopefully like before — on tour.

It has been 15 years since we first staged our Elevate cheerdance competition and concerts, or atleast somewhere along the 15 year-timeline, and so we are really happy to be joined on stage by alumni members who found time to resurrect their cheerleader smiles after their shifts as accountants, flight attendants, marketing directors, or whatever new temporary form they have taken —

To our ate’s and kuya’s — Carlou Guevarra, Monalyn Luna, Noellyn Figueroa, Tonsi Ignacio, Via Antonio, and Trixie Segundo, and ofcourse, Deo dela Cruz and Jens Mempin; and also those who came to watch us, knowing how they wanted to dance with us, too… the alumni members who have paved the way for making February’s throwbacks of deadly choreographies, backstage comedies, and warm memories. Soon we shall dance on your weddings, children’s birthdays, or maybe album and milk tea launches, too.

And once again to all our supporters. You have always been part of this vision.
Without you, we might as well close our eyes. But even if we did, the vision will remain
so let’s just thank each of you for giving us a reason to see and believe.

Soon this mission-vision will find a place to rest as it makes way for perhaps another season for the UP Pep Squad. Perhaps, a religion. lol
Or a cheerleading pyramid-scam.
But until then, we urge everyone who has witnessed this past season to continue the fight for equality.

Maraming salamat pong muli.

Now back to training.


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