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Utak.Puso.Grad : USoG.

Closing another training year, and another season of head aches, heart breaks, life lessons and great memories.

But now that we are officially on break, we would like to recognize the efforts and service of our outgoing team members starting with our captains Cam, Lara, and brother Louie (3x) and ofcourse, our head drummers Angelo and Patrick!

Thank you not only for your time, but more importantly for your presence.

Thank you not only for your contributions, but more importantly for what you were willing to give up.

Thank you not only for being our team mates, but more importantly for being people we can aspire to be like.


When asked how do we measure the service we render for this state university, it is through people like you that we find genuine answers.

Because ironically it is people like you who never ask for your service to be measured, or how much of what you have given up could ever be replaced.

We also thank our outgoing senior members for teaching us the valuable lesson of what makes a mere memory and what makes a true respectable athlete.
Whether you are getting ready for graduation or switching to full-academic mode, we congratulate you for surviving all the hell weeks that we hope from now on will come easier, dahil ok lang umasa.

The past year has been very turbulent.
But we are grateful that many of those turbulence were experienced on actual planes…
…and that we all got back home safe.

But in memory of all the individuals and events that have caused us a slight change in altitude and have brought us our share of inconvenience, we are reminded to be thankful for them.
For reminding us to fasten our seatbelts and re-evaluate our values, our relationships and our commitments in life; for the chance to pray for stillness and for renewed appreciation of what we have, and the people we share these turbulence with.

So for everyone who joined us through out these turbulent times,
who held us, and prayed for us, and kept their faith in us as we also put our faith in them,
We dedicate our recent season to all of you, and with you, hope for even bigger ones.
Again to our parents, families, friends, teachers, godfathers, second mothers and mentors;
Our community, and officials;
To our sponsors, partners and supporters;
And for everyone who stood beside us till the very very end of another year:
We say, USo Pa!

Utak. Puso. Paninindigan.





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