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VAAS Auditions

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We are looking forward to meeting everyone who’ll try out on our next VAAS Auditions.

But before the big day, kindly read the following reminders regarding what to bring, what to expect and how to better manage your expectations when trying out and joining the University of the Philippines Varsity Pep Squad.

The Pep Promise

One of the most intimidating and shocking developments in Philippine collegiate cheerleading is funding. But please be reminded that as a special varsity team from the only government funded university in the UAAP, the UP Pep Squad does NOT OFFER FINANCIAL SUBSIDIES for being part of the team. You can look for your own private scholarships. However, put simply, we have no monetary offers.

Alongside our responsibilities as Iskolar ng Bayan: to maintain respectable grades and academic standing, attend our classes, and take part in student activities;
our service to the university is our way of giving back to our school and country.
Idealistic as it may sound, successful applicants of the team are trained to serve the university, and not the other way around.

The struggle is real. The struggles ARE real…(s)
But even after many years later
the fulfillment is genuine.

So the UP Pep promise is actually purpose. Its rewarding work, it’s a golden struggle.


We are looking for cheerleaders, performers, dancers and students who are willing to learn and willing to invest time to optimize their skills (with as much parental support as possible).
Our team has always welcomed a wide range of skilled individuals. From gymnasts, to high school cheerleaders, hip hop dancers, b-boys and mere athletic potential. You may come from a different sport, or different dance genre.
What’s most important is your commitment to TRAIN and IMPROVE.
Plus, good health.


Please note that the VAAS Auditions are for those who did not qualify for the previous years’ UPCAT.
If you are incoming UP DILIMAN Freshmen, and are interested in joining the team, please wait for further announcements regarding our summer training season.

For highschool seniors / senior high students, kindly check with your school or CHED if you are not sure about your eligibility. Consider this as STEP 1. 😉

Other cases that are eligible for the program include college students from other schools who wish to transfer to UP Diliman, and senior high/  high school students who were not able to take the UPCAT.

Other Reminders

Kindly review the date, time and venue for the audition and be there earlier than the posted time, in proper athletic training attire (rubber shoes and hair accessories included).
Bring hydration supplies for personal use, towels and extra shirts.

Thank you, goodluck and see you there!



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